Pavlov's  letter to the youth

What do I want to wish to the young people of my Motherland devoted themselves to science? 

First of all gradualness. I will never say about this main condition of productive science work without emotion. Gradualness, gradualness and gradualness. From the very beginning of your work, school yourselves to strict gradualness in the accumulation of knowledge. 

Learn the basics before trying to climb to the top of science. Never begin the subsequent without mastering the preceding. Never attempt to disguise an insufficiency of knowledge even by the most audacious surmise and hypothesis. No matter how amused your gaze with shimmering soap bubble, it will inevitably burst and nothing but confusion will not remain. 

Learn self-restraint and patience. Learn to do menial jobs in science. Investigate, compare and accumulate facts. No matter how perfectly a bird’s wing, it will never be able to pick it up without resting on air. Facts are the air of a scientist. Without it, you will never fly up. Without it, your theories are only empty attempts. Try not to stay on surface of facts while learning, experimenting and observing. Attempt to penetrate the secret of their occurrence. Persistently search for the laws governing them. 

The second is modesty. Never assume that you already know everything. Moreover, no matter how high you rated always have the courage to say of yourself – I am ignorant. 

Do not let pride possess you. Because of it, you will persevere where necessary to agree. Because of it you will refuse good advice and friendly assistance, because of it you will lose the measure of objectivity. 

In the team I manage, all makes the atmosphere. We are all yoked in one common cause and everyone does it according to their capabilities. We often can’t tell what’s mine and what’s someone else’s but because of that our case will only benefit. 

The third is passion. Remember that science demands from a man all his life.

If you had two lives, it would not have been enough.

Great effort and great passion requires the science.

Be passionate in your work and in your searching!