Biological Station in Koltushi

Biological Station in Koltushi was founded in 1926 by I.P.Pavlov`s initiative.
Research work there started in 1933 and at the same time Ivan Petrovich moved to Koltushi with his family. The first floor was occupied by surgery room, library, , and a number of other rooms. Exposed on the second floor were living rooms for Biostation researchers and a small I. P. Pavlov's apartment that consisted of the living room, bedroom, children's room, and study room. After I. P. Pavlov's death the living room began to be used as an auditorium for scientific meetings. At the Biostation study of conditioned and unconditioned salivary reflexes in dogs was practiced in specialized soundproof chamber.
The Memorial Museum was opened in 1949, by the 100-anniversary of 
I.P. Pavlov by initiative of Academician L.A.Orbeli. For a long time there was a restoration works and Exposition of the Museum underwent changes. At the present time the memorial complex includes the vestibule, corridor, living room, I.P.Pavlov`s study room, bedrooms and soundproof chamber, where experimental works were done.

Stopping in front of the main building can be seen a big number of plants, flowerbeds, trees. As is known, Ivan Petrovich loved plants, cultivated flowers and cared for them himself. On the building frontal there are the words «Observation and observation». The plaque with the inscription was placed there by I. P. Pavlov's instructions. In Koltushi Ivan Petrovich discovered and described the phenomenon of conditioned reflex.
In front of the laboratory, busts of philosopher R. Descartes, geneticist G. Mendel, and I. M. Sechenov were installed. Presence there the busts of these scientists is not coincidence, as they had great influence on Pavlov`s work.  The bust of I. P. Pavlov was installed soon after his death.

The vestibule on the second floor is dedicated to staying Ivan Petrovich in Koltushi. There are photographs «Ivan Petrovich in the construction of an old laboratory in 1929», «Ivan Petrovich walk in Koltushi park», and other.


The portrait showing the scientist at the table by M.V.Nesterov

I.P.Pavlov`s personal bicycle

the Pictures in the living room

«Sea at moonlight» by A.I.Cuindgi

The illustration Pavlov`s study of classical conditioning

The picture showing a dog`s reflex

The table with surgical supplies

The soundproof chamber where study of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes in dogs was practiced

The model, demonstrating study of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes in dogs

The corridor leading to I.P. Pavlov`s apartment

The bust of scientist G.I.Mendel in front of the laboratory

Biological Station in Koltushi

On the walls of the corridor leading to I. P. Pavlov's apartment also there are many photographs of the scientist. Here exposed is the diarama « The Pavlovian Koltushi at the period of 1926–1933 » and the panorama « New Koltushi. 1979 » made in the 1970s There can be seen very interesting picture, where Ivan Petrovich with Biostation researchers played skittles (game «Small towns»). Pavlov was interested in playing this game since childhood.

In the room adjacent to the corridor there is living room. Standing in the centre of the living room is the big table. There is cupboard near the window, opposite which sofa and chairs stand. Special attention should be paid to a big number of pictures, such as « Sea at moonlight » by A.I. Cuindgi, « Pine trees on the  seabeach » by U.U. Klever and other.

A special place in the memorial exhibition is occupied by Pavlov`s study room. It is located in the room adjacent to the living room. There are many details of the apartment, saying much about the interests and work of the I.P. Pavlov. Located at the centre of the room is big writing table. On the table there are placed ashtray, reading-lamp and ink set. Calendar stopped at the date of death of Pavlov.
Above the table in the study room is one of the last I. P. Pavlov's portraits made during his life by the painter I. I. Brodsky.

Verandah was one of the most favorite I.P. Pavlov`s place. There he spent a lot of time.

Monument to I.P.Pavlov in Koltushi

Monument to I.P.Pavlov in Koltushi

Koltushi building
Koltushi building

Pavlov's house in Koltushi

Pavlov's house in Koltushi

Biological station in Koltushi





The living room at Biological station

paintings in the living room at Biological station

The keyboard in living room

The bust of I.P.Pavlov

Nobel prize

Veranda at Biological station

Pavlov's favourite rocking chair


In this scientific town in 1923-1936 great Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov worked

Bust of I.P.Pavlov

Bust of I.M.Sechenov

Bust of R.Descart