Institute of Experimental Medicine

Institute of Experimental Medicine was founded in 1890 by known philanthropist Prince A.P. Oldenburgskyy. The Institute is located on shore of Malaya Nevka. At the present time IEM is one of the largest Scientific Organizations of Russia. In 1891, I.P.Pavlov became the head of the Physiological Departament at the Institute of Experimental Medicine. He headed this Departament until the end of his life. Here the researches were carried out on physiology of digestion.
 Initially, under the building of the Department of Physiology was fitted wooden construction, but up to now it has not been preserved. Here Ivan Petrovich researched the physiology of higher nervous activity.
In 1913, at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, it was built the famous "Tower of Silence". The laboratory included eight soundproof chambers, which were carried out experiments on conditioned reflexes.

In 1931 nervous and psychiatric clinic at the Department of pathophysiology of higher nervous activity was founded by I.P. Pavlov`s initiative. In this clinic there were researches, dedicated to nervous system diseases. In 1935 a monument to the experimental dog was built. The idea to create the monument belonged to Ivan Petrovich. He took an active part in creation and construction of the memorial.


Cecilia J. Msekela, MD, clinical research associate

Irina Suhotina, PhD, assistant lecture at the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University 

Maria Shabaeva, student at the Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical University 

Natalya Rybak, photographer



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