The Museum-Apartment

The hall is decorated with bronze chandelier, red wood furniture made by Russian masters of the XIX century and an antique grand piano of the Becker company.

The hall is also decorated with the collection of paintings by Russian artists. In the middle there is "Bogatyrs" by M.V.Vasnetsov

Portrait of I.P. Pavlov by M.V. Nesterov. The small writing desk of S.V.Pavlova.

The writing table in office room is full of Pavlov's family portraits (S.V.Pavlova, V.I.Pavlova and etc.) and souvenirs

The carved oak bookcases divide the room into two parts.

Wooden writing table stands in the middle of the office room

The large writing table contains an ink desk-set, an antique table lamp and photos of relatives in the I.P. Pavlov`s study room.

In the background there is the portrait of Pavlov's wife Seraphima Pavlova painted by M.V.Nesterov in 1934. Along the wall there is the bookcase with Pavlov's manuscripts

The Pavlov`s bedroom with iron beds of the Saint Galli Company, an antique fillinng washstand and numerous photos of relatives.

The Museum-Apartment was opened in 1949, by the 100-anniversary of 
I.P. Pavlov. There he lived for the last 18 years of his life from 1918 to 1936.
The idea to create a museum owned by the wife of Ivan Petrovich.  The memorial complex includes the dining room, study room and hall. There are many details of the apartment, saying much about the habits and interests of the housemates.

The hall is the largest and noblest room of the Memorial apartment. There are beautiful pictures in gold frames, high mirrors, mahogany furniture made by Russian masters of the 19th century. The interesting element of interior is an old grand piano. Ivan Petrovich didn’t play himself, but he was interested in listening to music played by his associates, and not infrequently there was a small chamber concerts in the hall.  Among I. P. Pavlov's guests was A. M. Gorky, the painter
M. V. Nesterov and such prominent scientists as N. Bohr, P. Yerks, W. Cannon, and others.
Special attention should be paid to a big number of pictures, as Ivan Petrovich was fond of collection paintings. The collection includes works of  Russian painters, some paintings were gifts to I.P.Pavlov from their authors, among them I.E.Repin, M.V.Nesterov, R.P.Berggoltz and others. Ivan Petrovich visited art exhibition that occurred at that time in Saint-Petersburg and purchased there the paintings. With many authors he was personally acquainted and even befriended.

The central part of the hall is decorated with the most favorite Pavlov`s painting «Bogatyri» by V.M.Vasnetsov. Above the fireplace there is a painting «The evening glow» - this is the gift of its author N.N. Dubrovskii, with whom Pavlov had a warm friendship for a long time. Furthermore there are works of sculptor L.V. Pozen «Lyrist with a guide», «Old beggar».In the room adjacent to the hall there is Pavlov`s study room. This place is divided into two parts with oak cupboard: one part was a bedroom for Ivan Petrovich and his wife, and the second part was his study room.The center of the study room is occupied by the writing table at which I. P. Pavlov was working in the evenings, answered letters, analyzed the results of researches. On the table there are placed photographs, reading-lamp and ink set. Beside the table there is the portrait of  I. P. Pavlov's wife Serafima Vasilievna Pavlova -  the gift by the painter M. V. Nesterov.
One of the most valuable collection of the Memorial museum – the I.P.Pavlov`s  library, which includes more than 3,000 books. Ivan Petrovich was fond of astronomy, philosophy, geography. Aside from natural-scientific literature, there are many directories, collected works of various authors and works of his favorite poets. 
Standing on one of the bookcases is a small white toy dog gifted to I. P. Pavlov by
students of Cambridge University.  In the study room can be seen many photographs, among them portraits of famous physiologists K.Ludvig and R.Geidengain, group photos with students and employees of the Military Medical Academy.

In the bedroom of Ivan Petrovich and Serafima Vasilievna there are two modest beds, an antique washstand and mahogany chests. As in the other rooms here are also located paintings of Russian artists, special attention should be paid to a large portrait of  Pavlov by M.V.Nesterov, a gift of the painter. On the bedroom walls are photographs of relatives, above the beds, reproductions of engravings of Madonnas from paintings by Murillo, Rafael, Defregger.

As is known, Ivan Petrovich was fond of collecting not only paintings, but books, post stamp and many others. Standing in the centre of the dining room is the big table at which Pavlov's family gathered and guests were received.
Near the window there are many green plants, the same as those during Pavlov's life.

In addition, the museum includes exhibition areas with personal things, photos of Pavlov`s family and a lecture hall with the exhibition   dedicated to the creative path of Ivan Petrovich.